The Investin Girona - Figueres project is reinforced with an agreement with the Association of Real Estate Agents

The collaboration has been established from the Girona territorial committee, in which representatives of fourteen municipalities from the city's urban area participate.

The project has been reinforced with an agreement with the Official Association of Real Estate Agents of Girona.

The aim of the agreement is to enable real estate agents to add value to the space proposals and to participate in the attraction of investments that support internationalisation actions.

The deputy mayor and councillor for Economic Promotion, Local Development and Tourism of the Girona City Council, Glòria Plana Yanes, said that "the regional committee allows us to act as a pressure group to demand the necessary investments that the city deserves and be able to respond to the deficits detected".

The Investin Girona - Figueres programme is the result of the collaboration of the city councils of Girona and Figueres to coordinate 22 municipalities of these urban systems that participate in the programme, jointly enhancing and enhancing the territory. The programme promotes more than 1,000 hectares corresponding to 59 areas of economic activity. The guidelines of a protocol that allows the collaboration of these town councils have been concretized with the aim of marking the actions to create and attract activity that diversifies the economic structure and generates quality employment, paying special attention to the reactivation of the industrial fabric.

Girona City Council has been promoting this round table since 2015 within the framework of the Economic Promotion Agency, with the aim of coordinating the economic development of the city's urban system municipalities. In the area of territorial coordination and within the framework of the Investin programme, Girona is a relevant space for promoting, diffusion and attracting investment in the urban, industrial and technological space of the urban area of Girona.

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