Business investments in the urban areas of Girona and Figueres

The Investin Girona - Figueres Program was presented in 2015 to respond to people and companies that wanted to invest in the region. The project involves many socioeconomic and regional stakeholders and is an effective promotion tool for the region that enables it to leverage its existing resources and opportunities.

The network of municipalities participating in Investin Girona - Figueres is formed of 17 local councils in the Figueres urban area and 14 in the Girona urban area, all working together with a common aim: to help attract and secure investment in the region.

A team of professionals from different local councils in the urban areas of Girona and Figueres works together on the project to attract investment and provide support for all the phases of the process; from finding a suitable location to recruiting staff.

Collaborations with real estate agents:



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