Girona zone

Girona urban system

Girona lies at the centre of a region located in the far north-east of the Iberian Peninsula, just 65 km from the border with France (100 km from Perpignan) and 100 km from Barcelona.

It is surrounded by a varied and complex terrain characterised by extremely rich landscapes occupied by agricultural land, forests and a dense river network.

Girona, with its surrounding municipalities, has a very well established urban area and is one of the most powerful in Catalonia, both due to its location and its growing attractiveness resulting from a process of renovation and expansion, which has transformed it physically and functionally. This allows it to take advantage of its location in relation to Barcelona, being the necessary distance away not to become absorbed into the metropolitan region, but at the same time, sufficiently close to participate in its dynamism, even managing to focus the integration between the residential and employment markets of Girona and Barcelona.

As capital of the province, Girona leads a multicentred region, with a dense network of small towns and cities that provide an economic and social boost to this area, and are an added attraction for the city.

Girona is located at the heart of many of the main transportation routes, making the city a hub on the Mediterranean corridor. Its infrastructure network links it to the rest of the region, and it is therefore an ideal point of entry to the Catalan, Spanish and European markets.

Girona’s central location and economic appeal are reinforced by a range of facilities and services that reflect its strategic commitment to local, national and international projection.

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