Figueres zone

Figueres urban system

Figueres is the capital of Alt Empordà County and is situated at the far north-east of the Iberian Peninsula, just 25 km from the border with France, 55 km from Perpignan and, to the south, 35 km from Girona and 135 km from Barcelona.

Located at the centre of the Empordà plain, Figueres boasts outstanding surroundings where you can find some of the Costa Brava’s best beaches and a rich terrain where the sea and the mountains meet in perfect harmony. Figueres is recognised internationally because of one of the most outstanding figures in painting, the genius Salvador Dalí.

This was his home town, and he gave it one of the most important museums in southern Europe, the Dalí Theatre-Museum, which receives more than a million visitors each year.

Figueres also has a rich and diverse commercial centre. Although its economic activity is mainly focused on the service sector, the surrounding towns together create a complementary urban fabric where numerous industrial parks help to diversify the region’s activity.

Figueres is the last large city and industrial centre before France, and for that reason it is the perfect gateway to Europe. This privileged location is complemented by an important transportation network, both rail and road, which connects it to the world.

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